3 benefits of Braces (Over Clear Aligners)

Here at Dougherty Orthodontics, we proudly offer treatment options for all types of patients! Like you, we often hear the buzz around clear aligner therapy. The fact is that if clear aligners were the end all be all of orthodontic treatment, then we just wouldn’t see any other options. But is that the case? Hardly! Not only are traditional metal braces still around, but there are plenty of reasons to choose them over alternative methods. Keep reading to learn our 3 benefits of braces over clear aligners.

Not only that, but sometimes traditional braces aren’t so traditional! They’ve come a long way! Many advances in technology that paved the way for newer treatments have also led to drastic improvements in braces tech

But just what kinds of improvements are we talking about? And is it ever really better to choose braces? Read on to learn more about 3 benefits of braces over clear aligners below!

1 – They Stay Where They’re Supposed To

One great thing about braces, compared to aligners, is that once they’re in, they aren’t going anywhere until they’re supposed to! That is to say, aligners can be great, but the patient must be on the ball when it comes to compliance with the treatment plan devised by Dr. Dougherty

That means ensuring that the trays stay in 22 hours a day, every day. That means always remembering to take them out for snacks, then put them right back in after cleaning. That means keeping track of them daily. While for some patients, that may not sound like a big deal, the fact is that a majority of orthodontic patients are going to be anywhere between 8 and 14. And while we love our kids, we also know that keeping track of the little things isn’t exactly the strongest quality for humans in this particular age bracket

And even for our older patients (speaking of which, did you know that 1 in every 3 new orthodontic patients is an adult over the age of 18? It’s true!), sometimes you just don’t want to fool with one more thing to keep track of

When it comes to treatment with any of our awesome wire-and-brackets tech, you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of them! That’s the case whether you choose LightForce, Clear Ceramics, Iconix®, or traditional metal braces (check them out here). No matter what, they’re always right where they need to be, working to straighten your smile and keep your jaw perfectly aligned. Speaking of all those options…

2 – There are a LOT of options!

The days of being stuck to one choice regarding your braces are long gone! These days, you can choose traditional metal braces, sure (many people do! These are still our most popular options), but there are some really interesting alternatives, as well. Such as:

  • LightForce Braces – LightForce represents the absolute cutting-edge in orthodontic treatment. First conceptualized in 2015, LightForce is leading the way by leveraging the power of 3D Printing and state-of-the-art materials to maximize customization, comfort, and efficiency. Their polycrystalline material is tooth-colored, leading to a lower profile, perfect for patients concerned with the visibility of their appliances. Not only that, but since we 3D Print them with a degree of customization to your teeth not found in other options, they can reduce treatment time by up to 37 percent! Pretty great, if you ask us!
  • Clear Ceramics – Ceramic braces are often referred to as Clear braces due to their material, which is a similar color to your child’s teeth. Clear braces are great for young adults and children who aren’t excited about the visibility aspect of traditional braces. Functionally quite similar to traditional braces, these have the advantage of being less apparent, which many patients love.

Ask Dr. Dougherty about ceramics for you or your child. They are a practical part of any good orthodontist’s toolset, but remember, they’re a bit more fragile, so it’s important to take good care of them to avoid breakage. Additionally, adjustments generally occur more slowly, as the ceramics aren’t capable of withstanding the pressure of conventional braces. This means your ceramic treatment could take a bit longer.

  • Traditional metal braces – these are today’s most widely employed style, although this is starting to change. While other options are becoming more available, traditional metal braces are certainly a great form of orthodontic treatment with plenty of benefits!

Today’s braces are smaller, faster, more comfortable and more effective than ever!

Metal braces are applied to the teeth with special dental cement and connected by a wire. Dr. Dougherty will adjust the wire periodically to guide your treatment.

Many parents prefer traditional braces to removable aligners since they don’t have to remind their kids to wear them! Not only that, but they’re definitely going to be less expensive! Of course, it’s important to remember that your child’s braces will require maintenance and care, and the development or upkeep of good oral hygiene habits is a must.

3 – They Can Handle More Complex Cases!

While aligners are often a good option for less involved cases of malocclusion (imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaw is closed) and mild jaw misalignment, there are many situations in which you’re going to want the degree of pressure applied by brackets.

The American Association of Orthodontics is clear on this point. Consider this study published, where experts found that, in the majority of patients treated, fixed appliances such as braces were the most effective at changing the patient’s smile.

The results are in!

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