Is Summer the Best Time to Start Braces?

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best time to start braces

Summer vacation is nearly here for St. Louis County schools! You may have heard that summer is the best time of year to get braces. Ultimately, the best time to start braces is up to you and your family. To help guide you in making this decision, we’ve outlined some pros and cons of starting braces in the summer.

Why Summer May Be the Best Time to Start Braces

For many families, summer break is more laid back compared to the school year. You may find it easier to make your appointments on time and adjust to the new routine of having braces if this time of year is less hectic for you. Additionally, if you play sports or a musical instrument during the school year, summer may be the best time to start braces.

Note: It’s easier to get an appointment at Dougherty Orthodontics during the summertime. Plus, we have a patient party at the end of every summer.

Why Another Time of Year May Work Better

On the other hand, if your summer break is filled with family vacations, traveling, and other activities like camp or summer sports, you may want to choose another time to begin braces. Some kids find it easier to adjust to braces during the school year when there is a more structured routine in place.

At Dougherty Orthodontics, we are open year-round and always happy to accept new patients! No matter what time of year you want to begin braces, we’re here for you. Our office is conveniently located on Dougherty Ferry Road near Big Bend in Valley Park, MO.

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