Fixing an Overbite Without Headgear

By March 7, 2017 July 7th, 2017 Before Braces, Blog

Is it possible to fix your overbite without headgear? Yes! Traditional headgear has long been the “gold standard” for fixing an overbite. However, at Dougherty Orthodontics in St. Louis, we prefer to use the modern, more aesthetic alternative: forsus springs. Keep reading to learn about what forsus springs are, how they work, and why we choose to use them over headgear.

What Are Forsus Springs?

Forsus springs are an orthodontic appliance consisting of an open-coil spring and a small metal extension. This device attaches to your braces and continuously applies light force to the teeth, helping to create a more integrated bite. Its purpose is to promote forward growth of the lower jaw in adolescents, helping to eliminate excessive overjet, improve the fit of teeth, and possibly prevent the need for jaw surgery.

Advantages of Fixing an Overbite with Forsus Springs

Forsus springs are a simple, comfortable, effective, and hygienic way to reduce or eliminate your overjet. There are several advantages to fixing an overjet with forsus springs versus other methods, such as traditional headgear. Benefits include:

  • More aesthetic than headgear
  • No external apparatus
  • Not very visible to others
  • Can be placed by your orthodontist in just one appointment
  • No daily adjustments required
  • Easy to brush clean
  • Does not cause discoloration
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Spring does not bow into the cheek
  • Allows full range of mouth movement
  • Works with your existing braces and wires
  • Works continuously and efficiently
  • Automatically provides light, ongoing pressure
  • Helps prevent the need for surgery
  • Provides reliable long-term results

For more info on different types of orthodontic appliances and what they’re used for, check out our Glossary of Orthodontic Appliances.

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