iconix gold bracesDougherty Orthodontics in St Louis MO is proud to provide Iconix Braces as a treatment option for our patients. Iconix braces are a great, stylish option for patients who desire a different aesthetic during their orthodontic treatment. 

Have you heard of Iconix gold braces?  

Iconix Aesthetic Braces use gold-colored stainless steel brackets that are durable and functional. The brackets feature a low-profile, smaller size while maintaining the straightening ability of a traditional metal bracket.  They have a smooth design that, when paired with thin gold wires, provide a pleasing aesthetic for the patient without sacrificing reliability.    

Are Iconix gold braces for you?

Our patients who would like stylish alternative to the dull, silver, traditional metal braces find Iconix gold braces to be a great fit for their lifestyles.  When paired with clear ligatures, the brackets all but disappear against the teeth. Because the finish and color of Iconix doesn’t fade or chip away, we can guarantee that the brackets will maintain their original luster throughout orthodontic treatment.  

What Are Iconix made of?

These brackets are composed of the traditional stainless steel and have two great choices of finishes. The champagne-colored finish creates a “white gold” appearance and the Iconix Gold (24K gold-plated) brackets provide the sophisticated look of rose gold. The Iconix brackets will not fade or wear away over time, and when combined with gold archwires and clear ligatures, you can create an aesthetic that rivals clear brackets. Dougherty Orthodontics is delighted to offer alternative solutions for your treatment aesthetic without sacrificing time or comfort.

Dr. Stefanie Dougherty has years of experience treating patients with Iconix in Missouri.  Her expertise and attention to detail have solidified her reputation as a premier provider of Iconix.  If you’re ready to start your smile journey with Iconix gold braces, contact Dougherty Orthodontics at (636) 825-1000 for an appointment.