Dougherty Orthodontics Brings Invisalign 3D Scanner to St. Louis

We are proud to announce that Dougherty Orthodontics is the first office in St. Louis to offer the iTero Element 2 3D scanner for impressionless treatment with Invisalign! Here at Dougherty Orthodontics, we are always looking for new ways to provide our patients with the very best experience and results. We’re excited to bring the advanced technology of the Invisalign 3D scanner to orthodontic patients in the St. Louis area.

About the Invisalign 3D Scanner

The iTero Element 2 scanner is the latest technology from the trusted makers of Invisalign—the world’s most advanced clear aligner. With this scanner, Dr. Dougherty can take a digital 3D image of your teeth in a matter of minutes. It helps make the aligner-fitting process quicker, more accurate, and more comfortable compared to the traditional method of taking physical impressions.

With the Invisalign 3D scanner, you no longer have to deal with gooey impression molds. Plus, your aligner trays will fit better than ever and be even more comfortable throughout treatment due to the enhanced precision of 3D technology. The iTero Element 2 scanner takes 6,000 digital images per second. It quickly generates an extremely accurate, high-resolution, interactive picture of your teeth that can then be sent to Invisalign electronically. So you can get your trays (and smile) faster!

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More Technology Available at Dougherty Orthodontics

We are committed to offering the latest technology to better serve our patients. The Invisalign 3D scanner is just one example of this commitment. We are proud to offer:

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