How Often Should I Get My Braces Adjusted?

By June 6, 2017 July 7th, 2017 Blog, FAQ's, Life with Braces, Maintenance

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Are you a new orthodontic patient? Regular checkups and adjustments are an important part of your treatment. One question that new patients frequently have is, “How often do I need to come back to have my braces adjusted?” Keep reading for answers to this question and more. Plus, learn how you can help us celebrate Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week 2017!

Do I Need to Have My Braces Adjusted Every Month?

In the past, braces typically needed to be adjusted every 4 weeks, or about once a month. But that’s no longer the case. Because of new wires and technology, you can now go longer between visits. Usually your appointments will be spread out by 6 weeks.

What to Expect When You Come In for an Adjustment

It is a common misperception that braces are “tightened” during regular follow-up appointments. But that’s not really the case. Rather than “tightening” the braces, what we’re actually doing is “adjusting” them to help keep the wire more “snug” inside each brace. This allows your teeth to gradually continue to move. Check out our previous post to learn more about what to expect during office visits.

Remember: It is normal to experience mild discomfort for a day or two after you get your braces adjusted. Click here for some helpful pain management tips.

Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week

Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week 2017 takes place this week, June 5–9. When you call in to schedule your next braces adjustment (or if you happen to be in our office this week), please remember to wish our staff a Happy Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week! We also invite you to visit our Facebook page and leave a post or comment. Click here to learn more about our staff and why Dr. Dougherty is so thankful for all that they do.

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