Why Does My Child Need an Orthodontic Observation Visit?

By September 22, 2016 July 7th, 2017 Before Braces, Blog, FAQ's

orthodontic observation visit

Orthodontic observation visits (a.k.a. recall visits) typically take less than 15 minutes—causing some parents to wonder whether these brief check-in appointments are really needed. At Dougherty Orthodontics, we understand that you have a busy schedule. We would not waste your time by scheduling an appointment that we didn’t feel was truly necessary. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why did Dr. Dougherty recommend an orthodontic observation visit for my child?” this post is for you.

When Is an Orthodontic Observation Visit Needed?

Timing is important when it comes to braces and other forms of orthodontic treatment. As you know, kids grow quickly! If your child is at that stage where they’re not quite ready for braces—or if they’re undergoing two-phase treatment (starting with early braces and then moving on to a second phase of braces once their permanent teeth come in)—an orthodontic observation visit may be scheduled. Just like any other type of visit, these appointments are necessary in order to ensure that your kiddo is progressing toward the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible.

What Does Dr. Dougherty Look for During an Orthodontic Observation Visit?

Dr. Dougherty will do a physical exam and may take an x-ray to monitor your child’s progress. This will help her determine next steps, as well as the best timing for the next phase of treatment. Here’s a list of specific things she may be checking for:

  • The loss of primary teeth and growth of permanent teeth
  • Whether any teeth will need to be removed
  • The condition of Phase 1 braces, retainers, or spacers
  • Whether it is time for spacers to be removed
  • Any other issues or orthodontic problems that may be developing

For more info on things that you can help keep an eye out for as a parent, check out our previous post on Common Orthodontic Problems in Growing Kids.

Have questions about your child’s recent or upcoming orthodontic observation visit? Contact us! Call our office at 636.825.1000 or email info@doughertyorthodontics.com. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.