Our goal is to provide you with a gorgeous grin that you are proud of! To reach this goal, however, you must hold up your end of the bargain by doing more than just brushing and flossing regularly. Not to spoil your appetite, but some foods can loosen wires and break brackets and should be scratched off the menu- at least until the braces are off. Loose and broken wires and brackets cause delays in treatment and extra visit for repairs so it’s a good idea to be careful of what you eat!

Foods to avoid:

• Popcorn
• Hard pizza crust
• Crusty breads (bagels, French bread)
• Hard taco shells
• Hard, crunchy chips/pretzels (doritos, fritos)
• Nuts and seeds
• Ice
• Beef jerky
• Sticky candies (chewing gum, taffy, caramels, tootsie rolls, gummie bears)
• Hard candies (jolly ranchers, suckers)

Foods to eat with care:

• Apples and other crunchy fruits (cut into pieces)
• Carrots and other crunchy vegetables (cut into pieces or steam)
• Corn on the cob (cut off before eating)
• Meat on the bone (remove from bone)
• Hard cookies (soften with milk)

**Habits such as chewing ice cubes, pencils, and fingernails can also be very destructive to your braces and should be avoided.

Foods and drinks which your dentist has suggested may cause cavities should be restricted while wearing braces. If foods or drinks high in sugar content are to be consumed, we advise having them with regular meals and brushing immediately afterwards. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask us!