Giving Back

Part of being centered in any community is how you give back to it and make it a better place. Here at Dougherty Orthodontics, we are absolutely thrilled to serve the St. Louis area, and we want to tell you all about how we are giving back!

More Than Meets The Eye

You might assume orthodontists are just… orthodontists. Teeth people! And some are! But the truth is, we are in a unique position where we can make meaningful changes through our office. Every time you have an appointment with us, you aren’t merely having someone examine your teeth. We go above and beyond in every aspect to ensure that outside of our building, we are enriching the lives of as many people as we can possibly reach. In addition to this, we provide extra opportunities for you, our patients, on top of your orthodontic treatment—which we’ll talk about first! 

The Power of A Smile

Dr. Dougherty and our entire phenomenal team are able to make an impact every day by doing orthodontic work in our community. Smiles truly do change lives. We’re proud to serve orthodontic patients of all ages, with options for everyone. We create customized treatment plans for each individual to ensure their needs are met.

If you aren’t already familiar with our practice, we offer a number of options you won’t find in most orthodontic offices. This is because we want to ensure everyone who sits in our chair leaves with the best possible treatment!

  • We offer 3M Clarity Advanced clear aligners for those who want a subtle alignment journey.
  • LightForce Clear Braces are a unique new offering that is a 3D-printed, customized set of transparent braces that are less invasive overall.
  • We also have traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces.
  • And finally, another special option: Iconix gold braces have a distinct champagne color that blends in well with your teeth and provides more durability than traditional clear braces.
Giving Back

Making A Difference 

Throughout the year, we strive to contribute to the very soul of our city. When you visit us, you’re a part of something bigger! Let’s dive into some of the awesome organizations we partner with, both locally and across the globe. 

  • Kirkwood Public Library is a staple of its community, providing a variety of services to the public at all ages and promoting literacy.
  • Young Life is a national and global ministry that works with young adults to foster community and faith.
  • We actively volunteer at local schools to educate students of the importance of dental health during National Children’s Dental Health Month.
  • We proudly support High Hill Christian Camp in Montgomery County, which serves as a sanctuary and retreat center for youth.
  • YouVersion is the leading platform that allows scripture to be shared digitally and made easily accessible to people all over the world. 
  • Shriners Hospital just celebrated its 100th anniversary, treating children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries, and other healthcare conditions with exceptional care.
  • Bullying Bites is a program through the AAO that helps prevent bullying and promotes a healthier, safer environment for young people.
  • The Girl Scouts are renowned for supporting young women and girls through all manners of empowerment and community outreach.
  • TaTa Sisterhood Foundation is a beautiful St. Louis organization that provides assistance to women experiencing triple-negative breast cancer. They serve women with individual help for their unique experiences.
  • Forward Strides 4NF Walk is a two-mile walk that raises funds for neurofibromatosis research and patient care. 
  • We also support community educators and make a variety of school donations
Giving Back

In Our Office and Beyond

So, as you can see, there’s a lot we do beyond orthodontics! From partnerships with nonprofits to donations to community outreach, our commitment to serve others with excellence reaches far and wide. We also make a difference within our office, utilizing fun prizes for patients, quarterly giveaways, and challenges!

We hope that you’ll consider us for your orthodontic needs and that you’ll feel good knowing you’re helping us give back! Give our St. Louis office a call at 636-825-1000!