Virtual Visit

For Current Patients

This is our tool for current Dougherty patients to continue their journey to a gorgeous grin.

Your virtual orthodontic appointment is easy! Use your phone or a digital camera to take the images below.

It may help to have a friend or family member take the pictures so you can move your cheeks out of the way to get the best shot. Try to get as close as possible while still showing the entire mouth in focus.


  • Have someone take the photos for you, while you are seated.
  • Hold the phone horizontal and turn on the flash – make sure to focus the photo by tapping on your screen.
  • Use spoons to help retract your cheeks.
  • Do your best!

Text your photos to 636-825-1000 and include your full name.

1. Grab Your Phone or Mobile Device With a Camera

Grab your mobile device to start your convenient, quick and easy virtual appointment from the comfort of your home.

2. Take Photos of Your Smile

Follow along below and snap your virtual visit photos. These photos will help us assess your current treatment progress and determine what is next. You can have a friend or family member help!

3. Hear Back From Dr. Dougherty

Text your smile snapshots to us with the patient’s full name and any concerns you may have to 636-825-1000.

Our team will assess your smile and give you instructions on what comes next!