What Is 3D Printing/Scanning?

Have you heard a lot about 3D printing and scanning lately? Us too! Did you know that our Dougherty Orthodontics team uses 3D printing and scanning to treat our patients? It’s true! Dr. Dougherty uses this technology to help renew smiles all across St. Louis! Why does it matter to you? And, more importantly, how does it give you the dreamy smile you deserve? We’re glad you asked! 

3D Printing in Orthodontics

In orthodontics, 3D printing has revolutionized how we create models and appliances. This manufacturing process allows us to design customized treatments, improving patient outcomes (Psst! That’s you!). 

How does it work exactly? With 3D printing, we use specialized printers. We take digital impressions of your teeth through intraoral (anything that happens inside your mouth) scanners or CBCT (cone-beamed computed tomography) scans. Think of these like fancy X-rays of your mouth. Then, we convert the scans into three-dimensional digital models.

These digital models serve as blueprints for 3D printers. We build physical ones layer by layer using materials like dental resin or thermoplastic (made soft with heat) polymers. Your result? Highly accurate and detailed orthodontic models aid in treatment planning and simulation!

We can also make clear aligners, brackets, and archwires through 3D printing! Our team designs these appliances digitally based on your specific needs. The digital designs are transformed into physical objects using the 3D printing process.

Benefits of 3D Printing in Orthodontics

That all sounds good, right? But what can 3D printing and scanning really do for you? 

One of the key benefits is the ability to achieve exceptional precision and accuracy in orthodontic models and appliances. The details, shapes, and contours of your mouth, teeth, and jaw are unique to you. Like your fingerprints! No two mouths are exactly the same. 3D printing lets Dr. Dougherty see all these little details up close and personal. For that reason, your aligners or braces will fit you better! Not only can we see what you need more closely, but we can create something that no one else in the world can wear but you!

3D printing can also get you in and out of our office much faster! We know you love spending all your spare time with us (wink, wink). But your time is valuable. Traditional models and appliance creation methods often involved manual labor and longer turnaround times. 3D printing streamlines these processes. What’s that mean for you? Faster production and reduced treatment planning time. Now, you can receive customized appliances in a shorter time frame without the hassle of waiting!

3D printing technology means we can more accurately and precisely tailor appliances to you (and only you). It means you spend less time waiting in the lobby (although our lobby is cool!). Additionally, you’ll spend less time in our examination chair or held up for your developed appliances. When you do get your appliances, they’ll fit more comfortably too! 

Have you heard a lot about 3D printing and scanning lately? Dr. Dougherty uses this technology to help renew smiles all across St. Louis!

Integration of 3D Printing and Scanning in Orthodontics

3D printing and scanning have totally shaken up the world of orthodontics, and it’s all for the better. Here’s how:

First off, 3D scanning is a life-saver. It’s like taking a super detailed 3D selfie of your teeth and mouth— no more of that yucky putty stuff for impressions. Instead, our team gets a perfect digital model of your teeth that we can play around with on the computer.

This digital model is like a sandbox for Dr. Dougherty. She can tweak and adjust your treatment plan with nifty software, seeing how everything will play out before they even touch your teeth. It’s like having a crystal ball in your mouth!

Now, here’s where the magic happens. Once the plan is set, it’s time for the 3D printer to step in. It takes the digital model and prints out custom-made orthodontic appliances like clear aligners or brackets. It’s like having a mini factory right in the orthodontist’s office. And the best part? Everything fits like a glove because it’s all based on your unique 3D scan.

In a nutshell, 3D tech in orthodontics means better planning, custom appliances, and a smoother, more comfortable patient experience. It’s like stepping into the future of dental care!

Have you heard a lot about 3D printing and scanning lately? Dr. Dougherty uses this technology to help renew smiles all across St. Louis!

3D Printing At Dougherty Orthodontics

So, what’s the big deal about 3D printing and scanning in orthodontics? Well, it’s like giving a superpower boost to your orthodontic experience. And at Dougherty Orthodontics in St. Louis, we’re all about that!

Dr. Dougherty and her team use this cool tech to make your orthodontic journey smoother, faster, and more comfortable. It’s like having a tailor-made suit but for your teeth. We’re talking about custom-fit appliances, precise treatment plans, and much less guesswork.

Imagine this: instead of old-school impressions, we take a 3D digital snapshot of your teeth. Then, like architects, we use this model to plan your treatment down to the tiniest detail. And when it’s time to create your aligners or brackets, our 3D printer designs them with pinpoint accuracy. It’s all about giving you the best fit and the best results.

But that’s not all. As we keep embracing these tech advancements, we look forward to even more ways to improve your orthodontic experience. It’s all about creating those picture-perfect smiles and keeping your oral health in shape.

So, are you ready to step into the future of orthodontics with Dr. Dougherty? Go here for a free consultation. Let’s start your journey to a healthier, happier smile today!