Meet the Dougherty Team

At Dougherty Orthodontics, our friendly and expert team is excited to accompany you on your teeth-straightening journey.

With our knowledge of braces and clear aligners, we work with Dr. Dougherty to help you find your stunning smile at our warm and welcoming St. Louis office.

All of the Staff Are Incredibly Kind!

My daughter had a wonderful experience at Dougherty Orthodontics. All the staff are incredibly kind, and Dr. Dougherty is the nicest person. To top it off, my daughter's smile is GORGEOUS!!

- Lori

Natalie Govan

Treatment Coordinator

  1. I love to travel!
  2. I love to hang out with my friends and family at the lake!
  3. I love playing with my dog, Marley.

Kierstyn Schrader

Lead Orthodontic Technician

  1. I love being with my family at the lake.
  2. My coworkers say I am super easy to scare.
  3. I put hot sauce on everything.

Jessica Saeuberlich

Orthodontic Technician/Digital Clinical Coordinator

  1. I love to read!
  2. I love spending the weekends at the lake with my two girls!
  3. I love to grill!

Gina Hutchinson

Orthodontic Technician

  1. I love reggae music!
  2. I love salsa dancing with my husband of 19 years!
  3. I have a beautiful family of two boys and a little girl — and our doggy, Shadow.

Amanda Feltz

Financial Coordinator

  1. I have a miniature Dachshund named Penelope Louise (Penny).
  2. I am Chick-fil-A’s #1 fan — I even have Chick-fil-A brand shoes and I’m OBSESSED with sweet tea!
  3. I have a side gig as a makeup artist.

Alyssa Hankins

Public Relations Coordinator

  1. I love to golf!
  2. I love to go on walks with my dog, Milo, and my fiance, Stan!
  3. I love spending my free time outside.

Emily Carlyon

Observation Treatment Coordinator

  1. I love doing my makeup.
  2. I just became an auntie for the first time and I am obsessed!
  3. My favorite singers are Morgan Wallen and HARDY!

Vanessa Duzan

Orthodontic Technician

  1. I love my family.
  2. I love the beach.
  3. I love doggos!

Nikki Christman

Scheduling Coordinator/Personal Assistant

  1. I love taking walks with my fiance, Lucas, and our two pups, Bellona and Odin!
  2. I am a licensed cosmetologist!
  3. My favorite artists are Morgan Wallen and HARDY!

Autumn Hettenhouser

Orthodontic Assistant

  1. I like to bike with my fiance.
  2. I like working out.
  3. I love to shop!

Lauren Biles

Orthodontic Assistant

  1. I enjoy reading.
  2. I love going on hikes.
  3. I like to golf with my boyfriend